en10ergy is a social enterprise set up by Muswell Hill Sustainability Group with two aims:


En10ergy AGM 2015

We will be holding the en10ergy Ltd Annual General Meeting, at the Muswell Hill Methodist Church, Pages Lane, London N10 1PP at 7pm on Monday 16th November. The church, of course, is one of the sites where our solar panels are installed.  The other is Marks and Spencer on Muswell Hill Broadway. In addition to […]

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en10ergy AGM 2013

If you are a shareholder of en10ergy you may want to come along to our AGM on November 13th 2013 ...

en10ergy Solar

en10ergy is intending to launch a major share offer to fund solar renewables on the roofs of Haringey buildings.  Building ...

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels use the sun’s energy to generate electricity that can be fed back into the Grid.

We installed solar pv panels on the roof of Marks and Spencers on Muswell Hill Broadway in July 2010.  Marks and Spencers head office have supported this as part of their Plan A programme.  We have also installed solar panels on the roof of the Muswell Hill Methodist Church on Colney Hatch Lane, completed in April 2011.

Both these projects have been funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) through their Low Carbon Communities Challenge.  These projects generate revenue through the ‘feed-in’ tariff that the Government pays for micro-generated electricity.   We’re using the revenue to fund further carbon emission reduction work in Muswell Hill.

We are planning further community renewable energy projects.

Muswell Hill is one of ten Low Carbon Zones that have been awarded funding by the GLA to reduce emissions by 20.12% by 2012.   The project, which launched officially on 27th February 2010, is being run by Haringey Council in co-ordination with partner organisations including Muswell Hill Sustainability Group, local businesses and residents associations.  The zone includes businesses and flats on Muswell Hill Broadway, the Muswell Hill Centre and the residential area off St James’ Lane on the southern slope of the hill. It includes 840 residential buildings.  Householders and businesses in the Zone will be helped to make lasting changes through energy audits, low cost energy-saving measures such as loft insulation and education about waste.

en10ergy is playing a facilitative role and is also using the experience gained in the Low Carbon Zone to cut CO2 emissions in the wider Muswell Hill area.

More pictures of the LCZ launch

The Low Carbon Zone comprises a small number of roads and community buildings south of Muswell Hill Broadway.  People outside of this area want to make a difference too!  en10ergy will help these householders to reduce their carbon emissions by:

  • negotiating bulk deals with suppliers of energy saving measures e.g loft insulation, condensing boilers, solar thermal heating
  • making householders aware of local grant schemes to allow them to implement measures as cheaply as possible
  • raising awareness in the wider community e.g. through working with local schools/parents associations and residents associations

Recruiting Households in Muswell Hill and surrounding areas Now!

We have started a ‘100 houses Study’ which will follow 100 households in Muswell Hill over 2 years.  We assist participants with an initial carbon footprint assessment, agree individual carbon reduction plans with them and provide assistance through regular surgeries with experts in household carbon reduction.  So far we have run information sessions on zero-cost measures to reduce your carbon footprint and on Solar Renewables.  Sessions on Boilers, Insulation, Food and Waste coming up soon…

Our Low Carbon Buying Group is a bulk-purchasing scheme which will bring lower prices on the more expensive energy-saving measures and on renewables.  To take advantage of 10-20% discounts you just need to be a Muswell Hill Sustainability Group Member (annual subscription £10).  Currently the scheme covers Solar Electricity (PV), Solar Thermal, new Boilers and Replacement Windows.


Buy solar panels through our Buying Group!  With generous government subsidies, it’s a great investment.

  • Slash your carbon emissions, by generating energy at home
  • Big, big savings on your energy bills
  • Tax-free, low-risk income, backed by the UK government for 25 years

Our Low Carbon Buying Group cuts the cost of home solar panels.  We’re working with Ecodomus Limted, Engensa, Hatch Sustain and Southern Solar who will be offering between 10 and 20% discounts for members of the Low Carbon Buying Group.

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Boilers account for around 60% of the carbon emissions in a gas heated home.  Their efficiency is rated on a scale A to G- if your boiler was fitted over 15 years ago then it could be a G-rated boiler, which is very inefficient.

We have negotiated with Viessmann, Europe’s leading manufacturer of heating technology, to allow participants to install a top quality boiler, with a five year warrantee included, for the cost of a standard boiler. The cost also includes weather compensation controls (which are standard in continental Europe) which increase boiler efficiency by a further 10%.

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en10ergy limited is a social enterprise company which was registered with the Financial Services Agency on 30 October 2009.  It is technically an Industrial and Provident Society (reg no 30824) but it is like a trading company in that its members are its shareholders and they are not liable for its debts.  On the other hand its activities are not carried on for the benefit of the shareholders, but for the benefit of the community.   We have over 100 shareholders, mostly based in Muswell Hill and surrounding areas.

We are currently evaluating projects in Haringey which may provide further opportunities for investment.